C. M Harald - Zombies and green tea.

C. M Harald - Zombies and green tea.

C. M Harald




I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with this author in the real world and have learnt a lot from him. He has definitely been a great source of inspiration and help to me.

He has since left our school and  moved to London, but we still keep in contact. It was a joy to work with another teacher who shared my passion for writing and had some fantastic ideas on how to get the most out of the limited time a teacher gets to write.


His main work is the "Royal Zombie corps" series.

Strange as it may seem, for someone who writes the material I do, I’m  not a huge fan of zombies. Yet  C.M Harald has created something new and different here which is definitely worth exploring. It’s also a good way to understand more about the Great war.


My favourite is The Butcher's Funeral: A Medieval Murder. He originally wrote it as several short stories which he then put together to make  book. Though it clearly shows the progress of his writing, it grips you straight away.  He’s a natural story teller and his characters come to life on the page.  Through descriptions and an obvious love of the era he cleverly crafts a great story alongside vivid depictions of life in a medieval town.  I’m quite interested in that period of History, but  I learn a lot from this book, so to me it’s  the best combination; a clever detective story which educates in an enjoyable way. I can’t wait  for the next  book.  I want to know what happens to these characters and especially the scheming wife.

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And below is my review on amazon.

It’s definitely worth checking out and if you love zombies it should give you a subtley different take on a well trod genre. See the link to His amazon author page which lists all the books currently in the Royal Zombie corps series.





Review  of C. M Harald

The Butcher's Funeral: A Medieval Murder.


A very enjoyable read, with memorable characters and evocative descriptions of the late Middles Ages. I believe each of the chapters are stand alone stories, but this works very well as a novel. The writing improves with each page until by the middle of the second chapter you're hooked and caught up in the mystery of who killed the butcher.
Mr Harald is a natural story teller, who beguiles his reader, drawing them into the mystery with realistic action that reflects the harshness of the time. This is all perfectly set off by the vivid cast of characters who inhabitant of the English town and surrounding area. You can't help but be caught up in these peoples lives and stories. For me , Anna the herb woman and Mark the thief were the most sympathetic and likeable.
As the story progresses it becomes richer and denser like a medieval tapestry, as Mr Harald deftly weaves the other characters threads into the main story mystery of who killed the butcher. it all comes together perfectly at the end. Very impressive.
Like all satisfying reads the final scene leaves you pondering the future for Law, who's life is about to change. Will Law be delivered from temptation? . I jolly well hope a squeal is in the pipeline.
This isn't a rose tinted view of the medieval period, you can almost smell the streets and the market stalls from the descriptions and hear the shouts from the hue and cry as they chase poor Mark through the streets.
Finally this book is an education. The history is accurate and well told and doesn't jar or slow the story down at all. it's splendid combination of fact and fiction. More please...


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