The Musicians - A Custodians Story

The Musicians - A Custodians Story

This month's release is a little morsel from the Custodians series.




This was written from a suggestion my husband made. Junius is an enigmatic character and easily bored. "The Musicians" sees him and Fabia, his partner of millennia, travelling to London in 1963 in search of some time alone together. Not something they get much opportunity for normally.

A chance encounter with some floppy haired reprobates in a London pub draws them into the art and music scene that's blossoming across the city. Excited by the newness and youth of what's around him Junius decides to nudge things along, with some sympathy and some taste of course.


Leaving Fabia to find her own amusement with a quiet French singer, Junius journeys into the grimy heart of London in search of adventure and maybe a chance to help out some deserving souls along the way.


Available on Kindle only, 23000 words Approx.

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