What's in a name?

What's in a name?

You'd never guess but Elsye Harwood isn't my real name. I love my parents and I love them even more for not calling me Elsye with a "y".  The name does have family connections but is far enough removed to serve. Thankfully I was not burdened with an online presence already so didn't have to try and reconcile or seperate the two. Truth be told I found the idea of spending time on the internet quite boring, always more books to read :).

So why bother with one? Well the day job has no problem with my writing, but just in case I ever upset anyone it would seem sensible to have a degree of seperation between the two. I'm careful online but you never know, we all suffer from foot in mouth disease once in a while. I will admit to being amused when one colleague passed a book to another and the recipient started chatting about it to me. You know, funnily enough, I think I might know what's coming next.

There's also the Genre thing. I have a range of interests and people I want to write for. I'm rounding the last corner and coming up to the two million word marker so it's not urgent right now, but you never know. I have some children's stories in a drawer from my twenties that may see the light of day. Someone known for dismemberment, dwarves with Armalites and dancing in the moonlight may not fit that market.

Finally there is the Gender question. Sadly there aren't many women, openly, writing in certain genres. Still. So to avoid being patronised I may slap on a fake moustache and some trousers and play with my gender identity. Could be fun. Should you think I'm being daft I'd point you at my DM message box on twitter after I mention anything to do with combustion engines. Nothing nasty but lord, if one more person manspalains the two stroke cycle to me I'll...

Have a lovely day, I'm going back to the MS. No more fun to be had on a Saturday night than writing.


Elsye Harwood


PS. I have not forgotten London or that lovely, brave police officer or any of the other victims but one more misinformed hot take from me is not required.